Government of Bihar

India is a federation with 28 states and 7 union territories. Bihar is one of the states of this federation. The constitutional head of Bihar is Governor, who is appointed by the President of India.

The real executive power remains with chief minister and its cabinet. The chief minister and its cabinet is formed by the majority of MLAs. The MLAs are elected by the people. Nitish Kumar is the current chief minister of Bihar. Sushil Kumar Modi is deputy chief minister of Bihar.

To get the list of MLAs in Bihar, click here. To get the list of MPs in Bihar, click here.

The head of the bureaucracy of the State is the Chief Secretary. Under this position, there is a hierarchy of officials drawn from the Indian Administrative Service, Indian Police Service, and different wings of the State Civil Services.

The judiciary is headed by the Chief Justice. Bihar has a High Court which has been functioning since 1916. All the branches of the government are located in the state capital, Patna.

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