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Lakhisarai is one of the 38 districts in Bihar. It is one of the 6 districts of Munger division. The head quarter of the district is Lakhisarai . It has 7 blocks. The total population of the district is 802,225 and the area is 1,228 sqkm. Paddy, Wheat and Lentils are the main agricultural crops. Ganga, Mohane, Harohar and Kiul are the main river. The literacy rate is 47.96% . The female literacy rate is 33.96% . The male literacy rate is 60.74% .
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- Lakhisarai District Block List

- Lakhisarai District Demography Details - Census 2001

The number of households in Lakhisarai is 125,397. Out of which rural household is 107,460 and the urban household is 17,937.
Female to male ratio of Lakhisarai is 92.07%. Female to male ratio of the district is less than state's female to male ratio 91.93%. It is unsatisfactory and the people should drive some campaign to improve this. Urban female to male ratio of the district is 88.29% compared to rural female to male ratio of 92.74%.

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Urban Gender Distribution

- LakhisaraiDistrict Literacy Details - Census 2001

The literacy rate of the district is 47.96% compared to the literacy rate of state 47%. The literacy rate of the district is better than state literacy rate. The rate of literacy is satisfactory. . The female literacy rate is 33.96% compared to male literacy rate of 60.74%. The rural literacy rate is 45.61% compared to urban literacy rate of 61.12%. The rural female literacy rate is 31.24% compared to urban female literacy rate of 49.67%. The rural male literacy rate is 58.84% compared to urban male literacy rate of 71.1%.


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- LakhisaraiDistrict Working Population Details - Census 2001

The total working population is 46.24% of the total population. 61.39% of the men are working population . 29.64% of the women are working population. The main working population is 35.74% of the total population. 53.32% of the men are main working population . 16.47% of the women are main working population. While the marginal working population is 10.5% of the total population. 8.07% of the men are marginal working population. 13.16% of the women are marginal working population. The total non working population is 53.76% of the total population. 38.61% of the men are non working population. 70.36% of the women are non working population.

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