Phulparas Block

Phulparas is one of the 21 blocks in Madhubani District . The total population of the block is 130,036. There are 40 villages and 0 towns in this block. The literacy rate is 40.21%. The female literacy rate is 20.91%. The male literacy rate is 58.4%.
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- Phulparas Block Village List

- Phulparas Block Town List

There are no towns in the block.

- Phulparas Block Demography Details - Census 2001

The number of households in Phulparas is 22,832. All the households are rural households and there is no urban households.
Female to male ratio of Phulparas is 94.57%. Female to male ratio of the block is less than state's female to male ratio 91.93%. It is unsatisfactory and the people should drive some campaign to improve this.

Urban Rural Household

Gender Distribution

- Phulparas Block Literacy Details - Census 2001

The literacy rate of the block is 40.21% compared to the literacy rate of state 47%. The literacy rate of the block is less than state literacy rate. The rate of literacy is very low and needs immediate attention of Union and State Government. . The female literacy rate is 20.91% compared to male literacy rate of 58.4%.


Literacy Comparision

- Phulparas Block Working Population Details - Census 2001

The total working population is 51.62% of the total population. 63.18% of the men are working population . 39.34% of the women are working population. The main working population is 37.04% of the total population. 55.99% of the men are main working population . 16.93% of the women are main working population. While the marginal working population is 14.58% of the total population. 7.19% of the men are marginal working population. 22.41% of the women are marginal working population. The total non working population is 48.38% of the total population. 36.82% of the men are non working population. 60.66% of the women are non working population.

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