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We are a team of software engineers with our roots in Bihar. We want to develop the information warehouse on Bihar, which is easily accessible and practically useful for diverse group of people in Bihar.
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Bihar is one of the eastern states of India. It is 3rd largest state in terms of population and 12th largest state in terms of area.This section provides you more details on Bihar, its history, demography and government.

Administrative Units
We are delighted to inform that there are more than 40,000 pages under this section. Each page rightfully represents one of the village, ward, town, block and district.
This section provides the details of higher and primary education institutes in Bihar. It also has a commentary of education system in Bihar.

Are you inviting your friends to your home or planning some outings?? Get the next 5 days weather of your district in weather section.
Blogs provides an excellent opportunity to post your view on various aspect of Bihar and India. It gives ability to registered user to create new blogs.
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Blogs - The Citizen Take
Conscious Citizen
Right to Information Act gives the citizen of the country an effective tool to make the system accountable. You can use your right to know the status or reason of delays in answering your request by government offices. You can also question the government, inspect their files, and take copies of government documents and also to inspect government works.